CCTV Solutions

Gobind Technologies provides a variety of cameras and systems to improve your office security. Right from a single camera & monitor to complex video surveillance systems with hundreds of cameras, multiple operators, and digital recorders. A good video surveillance system can make your business safer, more efficient, and less prone to theft and accidents. We can also mount cameras from any preferred vendor of our client’s choice as we are not restricted in our expertise, thanks to our diverse team of IT engineers. Depending on the requirements of our clients we can setup a security system which can have multiple features as
Online/ Mobile View
IP cameras
Matrix Switches
Video analytics
IR cameras


We believe in providing our customers with a lot of variety in terms of the different types of networks available. Wired networks usually work better for voice and data. Gobind Technologies offers extensive routing support services. We ensure reliability by employing the most capable technical engineers.
Site-to-site connectivity allows communicating with another office and vice versa. Site-to-Multisite connectivity solution is for those companies who want to establish VPN among their headquarters and their various other offices. Our team of professionals has experience in all the configurations of connectivity like DSL, ADSL, Dial-up, 3G/4G, Cyber, GPRS
We even offer several VPN solutions like Ipsec SSLVPN OpenVPN L2TP

Server Solutions

Server File server solutions from Gobind Technologies is the best and most inexpensive solution that can answer for all the worries related to files security and storage in your company. Our team of experienced IT professionals carries the expertise to install file servers in your company of all the major vendors like Dell, IBM, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard
Gobind Technologies staff will make sure that a server according to your demands is provided. We can install your file servers with any of the major OS of your choice like Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Apart from hardware and software of your choice, Gobind Technologies will be obliged to provide integration of your file server according to your company requirements. It means that we can integrate server with a domain controller environment as well.
Active Directory Servers
File Share Servers for Office Filing Cabinet
Print Servers
Tower, Rack and Blade Servers
Microsoft Exchange Server
Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008
Windows Small Business Server
Windows Update Server
Central Antivirus Server

Data/Phone systems

D Link IP Telephone Systems
D-Link is a complete IP-based PABX with features you'd only expect from higher-end systems. The device is a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) telephony switch that includes an auto-attendant, call-forwarding and hold capability.
Avaya IP Telephone Systems
Avaya IP Office software helps midsize companies improve operations and unify a mobile, distributed workforce. This powerful, simple unified communications and collaboration solution delivers a seamless experience for voice, video, and mobility regardless of the device.
Panasonic Digital Hybrid System
Panasonic is the most well known brand today when it comes to Telephone Systems. The most basic model KX-TES824 is provided by Panasonic, which is supplied for 3 lines and 8 extensions, and can be expanded to a maximum configuration of 8 lines and 24 extensions.
IP Phone Benefits
Lower Costs Reduce your communication costs several folds
Missed Call notifications Get professional voice mail box and notification when you miss a call
Call Forwarding Forward your calls to your mobile
Monitor usage Monitor call usage by user

strucured cabling

Gobind Technologies is principally engaged in the design, installation, testing and support of passive network components with several projects in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and with expertise in large-scale projects on CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, UTP and Fiber Optics. We take the full responsibility of installing the right mix of equipment required to provide you with the required network speed, redundancy and scope of expansion.

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